LED Floodlight Hera Series 12W, 15W
  • LED Floodlight Hera Series 12W, 15W
  • LED Floodlight Hera Series 12W, 15W
  • LED Floodlight Hera Series 12W, 15W

LED Floodlight Hera Series 12W, 15W

Model No. : ZY-FP31B

Dimension : φ125*H76mm / φ128*H126m

Power : 12W、15W

Applications : Construction, Building Wall, Bridge, Fence, River guardrail, Plaza, Park.

Product Features

The light is made of high-strength die-cast aluminum in one go, and its surface is treated with high-temperature electrostatic spraying to ensure strong corrosion resistance.
Integral die-casting has ultra-high thermal conductivity to maximize power carrying capacity.
The embedded power cavity design eliminates the need for external installation and has an independent waterproof function, making it highly concealed and safe.
The floodlight with high-quality, high-transmittance tempered glass, making it both strong and bright.
It has high-quality silicone ring enabling excellent heat resistance, low-temperature elasticity and good waterproof performance.
It adopts imported high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate, thick copper foil and strong resistance to high current, ensuring the safety and stability of the circuit.
Light distribution:
Using high-quality LED chips, it has good color temperature consistency, high light efficiency, high CRI and low light attenuation.
It adopts imported PMMA material lens, waterproof integrated structure design, and has a variety of different light distributions available to choose.

LED Floodlight Hera Series 12W, 15W

Technical Information:

Model No.: ZY-FP31B/F, ZY-FP31B/FP

Power : 12W、15W

Color Temperature: Single, RGB, RGBW

Input Voltage: DC24

Operating Temperature: -30℃~+55℃

Optical Light Distribution: 3°/12°/30°

Environment: IP66

Material: Housing-die-cast Aluminum, cover-tempered glass

Control: ON/OFF、DMX512

Dimension: φ125*H76mm / φ128*H126m 

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