Control System Master Controller Standard Master
  • Control System Master Controller Standard Master
  • Control System Master Controller Standard Master

Control System Master Controller Standard Master

Model No. : ZY-Z300

Dimension : 28.6*13.6*4.5CM

Power : 15W

ZY-Z300 video player uses SD card to store offline animation data, and forms an offline control system with ZY- FK1T、ZY-FK1DW and other controllers. The optional computer can support online / offline integrated control mode;
ZY-Z300 video player supports remote control, and the controller has buttons to set corresponding parameters, supports clip selection, brightness adjustment, timing play and white balance adjustment;
ZY-Z300 video player can carry 150000 pixels of data to meet the engineering load demand.

Control System Master Controller Standard Master

1. Offline support up to 150000 points, greatly meet the needs of customer projects

2. The system supports automatic, timing, festival preset effect play

3. The controller is equipped with remote control, which can realize program segment selection, overall brightness adjustment, white balance adjustment, playback speed adjustment, etc.

4. Support offline one key fixed, clear sub control ID number, easy to use on site.

5. Support switch parallel scheme: reduce the length of system cascade chain and improve stability.

6. Support dual backup, a bad controller or broken network cable display will not be affected.

7. Independent brightness control of three primary colors makes precise adjustment of white balance more simple and effective.

8. Support four color lamps: energy saving, environmental protection, pure color.

9. Using Ethernet interface and UDP network protocol, the transmission is stable, and the maximum transmission distance is 100 meters

10. The LCD display module displays the parameters and status of the controller in time.

11. SD card storage, the controller can support 32G at most, and can preset 99 program files at most.

12.  Support multiple offline master remote online download and update offline programs.

13.  Built in animation test program to facilitate customer debugging and application in the project.

14.  It can support the mixed use of different types of lamps and different protocol lamps with strong compatibility.

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