Control System-All-in-one Controller DMX512 Signal
  • Control System-All-in-one Controller DMX512 Signal
  • Control System-All-in-one Controller DMX512 Signal

Control System-All-in-one Controller DMX512 Signal

Model No. : ZY-ZK2DW

Dimension : 28.6*13.6*4.5CM

Power : 15W

ZY-ZK2DW controller supports the standard USITT DMX512/1990 protocol and extended DMX512 protocol. The single output port carries 170 points (standard DMX512 protocol). For example, DMX512 decoding chip supports expansion, and can be driven according to its expansion channel number.
ZY-ZK2DW controller supports automatic addressing of lamps through addressing line. It needs driver chips with addressing function, such as DMX512AP-N/NB、UCS512、WS2821, etc.
ZY-ZK2DW controller uses SD card to store offline animation data, supports remote control, and the controller has key, can set corresponding parameters, support segment selection, brightness adjustment, timing play and white balance adjustment.
The communication of ZY-ZK2DW controller adopts network protocol, and the interface is standard RJ-45. If a computer is added, the online / offline control mode can be realized (online priority).
ZY-ZK2DW controller can only be used in a single set, and it is suitable for small project applications.

Control System-All-in-one Controller DMX512 Signal

1. The output of the controller supports the standard USITT DMX512 / 1990 general protocol and the extended DMX protocol.

2. The system supports automatic, timing and festival preset effects

3. Accurate gamma correction algorithm, more in line with the human visual sensitivity characteristics, display color more fully, rich, make the designer animation or video effect perfect embodiment.

4. The maximum frame changing frequency is 120 to meet the requirements of high definition display and 3D display.

5.  The controller with buttons and external remote control can realize program segment selection, overall brightness adjustment, white balance adjustment, playback speed adjustment, etc.

6. The LCD display module displays the parameters and status of the controller in time.

7. Support four-color lamps: energy saving and environmental protection, pure color.

8. Eight port output, single port output, standard 512 channels, and the number of load points of expansion protocol is tested by customers according to chip characteristics.

9. SD card storage, the controller can support 32G at most, and can preset 99 program files at most.

10. Support remote online downloading and updating of offline programs.

11. Built in animation test program to facilitate customer debugging and application in the project.

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